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Mazatlan Art Crosses By Mazatlan Artist Sandi Vandiver

Photographs simply don’t do the Mazatlan art created by Mazatlan artist Sandi Vandiver justice. Rather her unique, handcrafted crosses must be actually seen to be fully appreciated. Each one an inspirational one-of-a-kind piece with it’s own story to be interpreted from the broad range of media that Sandi works with. A MAZATLAN ART PARTY!! Now [...]

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Finally The Straight Scoop On Safety In Mazatlan

Mention that you’re thinking of traveling to Mazatlan to your friends, and get ready for the chorus of dire warnings. Haven’t you seen the news?! Don’t you know that there’s US government travel advisories warning against traveling there?! So then what about all the people that do come down here? Worse yet, what about the [...]

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My Recent Visit To A Mazatlan Dentist

As costs for dental work in the US, the UK, and Canada have only continued to shoot up, so too have the prices on the same procedures done south of the order become more affordable. Mexican dentistry prices as low as one eighth of what you’ll pay back home. In fact people have even been [...]

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Strip Clubs in Mazatlan – A Complete Run-Down

The first thing that you need to understand before you read any further, is that prostitution is legal in Mexico. So yes there is prostitution going on in the strip clubs in Mazatlan, and if that end of it offends you then read no further. Now I’m a 52 year old single male, a 5 [...]

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An Excursion to Concordia: A Colonial Town Rich in History And Handcrafts

We decided this weekend to take a daytrip to the colonial town of Concordia. Located just 25 miles east of Mazatlan, it’s popular for its quality handmade furniture and pottery. Touring the Town Square Center to Concordia, like most Mexican colonial towns, is the church square. This is the gathering for everyone local or tourist [...]

#1 Take the Family to the Tip of Stone Island

It’s a hot Saturday afternoon on the tip of the peninsula. Bands of banana shaped kayaks circle around the bay, driven gently by their young navigators. Children splash and swim in the calm ocean, on this side of the beach the waves are barely noticeable. This is Stone Island (or “Isla De Piedra” as the [...]

Weather in Mazatlan

Every winter the snowbirds from the north heed their call to escape the cold weather of their homelands, hop on jets and cruise ships and head south to Mazatlan. There is good a good reason for this annual migration ritual and that is that while it may be snowing and bitter cold in places north [...]

Transportation in Mazatlan

While you are planning your trip to Mazatlan you will want to give some consideration as to how you are going to get around while you are down there. If you are planning on renting a car, you may want to check out the traffic down there before you rent your car and see if [...]

Paperwork for Coming to Mazatlan, Mexico

For years all that was needed to cross from Mexico into the U.S. was  a picture identification card such as a drivers license, state identification or military identification card. However; as of January 1st 2008, new more stringent requirements must be met before you can cross the border from Mexico into the U.S. or from [...]

Money in Mazatlan

Exchanging money can be a confusing thing to do in Mazatlan and the fluctuating exchange rate doesn’t help matters any. A decade or so ago, there really wasn’t that much of a problem, because the dollar was so strong against an incredibly weak and unstable peso. Back then, with prices so low and the dollar [...]