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ATV Rentals in Mazatlan

The ATV Experience – Renting and Riding ATVs in Mazatlan is a Breeze

ATV Mazatlan Rental

Once you arrive in Mazatlan and get settled into your accommodations, the first thing that you are naturally going to want to do is to hit the streets, the beaches or the clubs, because that is what Mazatlan is all about.

Once you are out the door of where ever it is that you are staying, it won’t take long until someone on an ATV with no license plate on it goes flying past you down the street with no helmet on, their hair blowing in the wind. Getting yourself planted in the seat of an ATV in Mazatlan is very easy to do but you will need to have a drivers licence. Dune Buggies are a little harder to find to rent, but still possible if you know where to look.

Locating an ATV Rental Establishment

There is a place that rents ATVs right on the street in the Gold Zone, so they are not hard to find and you can ride them on the streets with no problem. Also, there are off road ATV rentals on Stone Island where there are trials that you can ride on. The rates on Stone Island are $80 for a two hour ride and you will find approximatly the same rates in the Gold Zone as well.

Exploring Mazatlan on an ATV

Once you have checked out your ATV, then its all systems go. If you head north past the gold zone, there are areas where you can take your ATV off road but it is advisable that you stay out of the gray and green water that is in the little canals, for obvious reasons. The fact is however, that you probably won’t end up taking your ATV off road, because there are so many streets in Mazatlan to be explored on an ATV. Don’t feel as though you have to stick to the main drag along the Malacon, although it is a prime riding and people watching area. Some of the places that you might like to take in on an ATV include the Downtown area, the port and Plaza Machados.

ATV Mazatlan RentalTraffic Laws and Rules in Mazatlan

Your not in Kansas anymore, so welome to Mexican traffic. Unless you are in a coma, the first thing that you will notice is that the traffic in Mazatlan is more than a little bit crazy and there are no “right of way” rules like you have in the U.S. and Canada. “Dog eat Dog” is the only traffic rule on the streets of Mazatlan and being that you are on an ATV, that qualifies you as a smaller dog in the pack.

None of the ATVs have a license plate, which is not that unusual for Mexico particularly in the outlying areas. They must be required by law but just like so many other laws pertaining to minor infractions in Mexico, this falls into a fuzzy gray area.

Mazatlan Traffic Cops and Tickets

Traffic rule number one is keep $20 in your front pocket. Although it is extremely rare for a Mazatlan traffic cop to pull over a traffic violator, it is not inconceivable that it might happen to you. If heaven forbid, it should happen, don’t be alarmed and don’t offer the cop a bribe. Conduct yourself as you would when being pulled over by a cop north of the border and in short order the cop will inform you that you have to “pay a fine”. You will be informed that you can receive a written citation and be taken to the jail to pay it or you can “give it to him and he will go pay it for you”. The going rate for minor infractions by tourists in Mazatlan is $20 but it could be a bit more or a bit less, depending on how much you look like you can afford.

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