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Top 10 Best Beaches in Mazatlan

The task of determining the best beach in Mazatlan can be compared to determining the most beautiful girl in beauty pageant. They all look good and while you may prefer one over the rest, yet another judge may favor another for his own reasons.

Warm comfortable water temperatures, soft white sand and a mild temperate breezy climate make the beaches of Mazatlan the premier winter playground for increasing numbers of fun loving travelers and tourists each year.

Its Definitely All About the Beaches

The beautiful white sandy beaches are the heart and soul of what is sunny Mazatlan. Mazatlan was built right up on the beaches, so there is just no getting away from them while you are down there. It is almost impossible to not spend some time at all of them, because as you pass the beaches each one will beckon you with its own unique offerings.

Also, you would be hard pressed to find any beaches on the planet that are more safer then the beaches in Mazatlan. This is because, manned lifeguard towers are spaced intermittently along every one of the main three beaches there and all of the lifeguards on duty in them are off duty Mazatlan cops.

Playa Norte is the main beach that the Malecone or main boardwalk traverses along and it covers a distance of approximately three miles. For the first half of the day during the weekdays it is all but deserted, so it is the perfect place to take a long peacefull walk on the beach in the mornings.

Back in the gold zone, around the rocky point is where Playa Camarone and Playa Gaviotas is located. Both of these beaches are somewhat smaller than Playa Norte but being that they back right up to hotels and night clubs they tend to get a little bit more livelier in the afternoon and after the sun goes down.

See Them All Before You Leave

There are beaches for everyone, regardless of what they want to do during their stay. Of course there are more beaches then the three that front the main area of central Mazatlan and they are all easy to find being that they are all connected. The best way to get a good look a them all is to hop in a pulmonia and for around ten bucks you can take a ride all the way up and back along the entire stretch, because the main road runs right along them.

Also, there are some beautiful secluded beaches on Stone Island and on Deer Island but they require that you take a ferry or a boat to get to them. As far as the main three beaches along the main sector of Mazatlan go however, its pick and choose when it comes to water sports.

No reservations or schedule adjustments, because for the most part you can just walk right up, hand them the money and take off on a jet ski, banana boat or whatever. If you want to relax out of the sun, in a comfortable chair under an umbrella with a drink they are only steps away. Then when the sun starts to set, you can walk up the back steps of Joe’s Oyster bar and party the rest of the night away.

A Listing of the Top 10 Best Beaches in Mazatlan

  1. Playa Olas Altas, MazatlanIsla De La Piedra – Located at the south end of the city. A peninsula offering miles of mostly undeveloped beaches. Access via boat at the harbor channel north of the ferry terminal. Horseback rentals and restaurants available.
  2. Playa Olas Altas – Located near old Mazatlan, near the beginning of the Malecon and Avenida Olas Altas. Because of the possibility of high waves, this beach is better for getting some sun, enjoying a meal, or just people watching. Often good for surfing, boogie boarding and bodysurfing. This beach draws mostly locals but it is best enjoyed by anyone who enjoys water sports.
  3. Playa Los Pinos – Located between the Marine House and the Fisherman’s Monument at the south end of town. A better beach for fishing or purchasing fresh fish than for hanging out! A left surf break can happen here when the waves pick up.
  4. Playa Norte – Located between Fisherman’s Monument and Punta Cameron. A popular beach for the local Mazatlan people. Sports in the sand is common here, such as baseball or soccer. FishingPlaya Norte, Mazatlan waste here keeps most people out of the water. Head north!
  5. Playa Martin – Located in front of Mazatlan’s seaside promenade. A nice beach which gets active on weekends. Watch for large waves at the south end near Punta Cameron. A tunnel connects to the beach to the Hacienda Hotel.
  6. Playa Cameron – Located between Punta Camaron at the south end and Playa Las Gaviotas to the north. There is a good reason for all of those great hotels on this beach. It’s one of the best beaches in Mazatlan! If you are looking for water sports, food or just laying in the sun…this is the place! Gentle waves, white sands, three offshore islands..perfect! The waves break closer to shore here than on Playa Las Gaviotas and the sand is a bit more course.
  7. Playa Las Gaviotas – Located just north of Punta Cameron. A popular beach for tourists! Usually offers calm waters perfect for swimming. The soft golden sand here gave the “Golden Zone” it’s name! The waves break further out here and gradually roll their way to shore …good for swimming.
  8. Playa Sabalo – Located just up the coast from Playa Los Gaviotas, in front of the Hotel El Cid. This beach continues north until Punta Sabalo at the Camino Real Hotel. A very busy tourist beach! This beach is wide, and accommodates sun-lovers, beachside vendors, and water sports. The islands offshore prevent most large waves from hitting this beach. Not quite as busy as Playa Las Gaviotas. Sneaking into the huge El Cid pool is always a fun option!
  9. Playa Los Cerritos – Located just up from Playa Brujas, north of Punta Sabalo. A quiet beach with some condominiums being built nearby. A nice place to relax and read a book!
  10. Playa Brujas – Located towards the north end of town, past busy Playa Sabalo. Usually not very crowded, frequented by surfers more than sun worshipers. A few restaurants on the beach make this a fun place to spend the day!


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