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Best Clubs in Mazatlan

Deciding what makes one night club in particular better or more preferable to the next really comes down to a matter of personal choice. The problem for someone that is on vacation however, is that they just don’t have the time to spend hopping from club to club trying to find the one that has what they are looking for.

The right music and entertainment, great right food, drinks and friendly people and a good party atmosphere are what everyone generally has in mind but what defines all of those elements can differ from person to person. Fortunately Mazatlan is literally sprinkled with great night clubs and each one features its unique ambiance and a party life of its own.

So Many Great Clubs and So Little Time

Night time is the right time to hit the clubs when your in Mazatlan. Most all of the clubs in Mazatlan are to be found in the Gold Zone which is an area that covers several square blocks down at the beach front. Bora Bora, MazatlanDon’t expect the same music that they are playing in the clubs back home, because now you are partying on the Mexican Riviera and the club music of choice down there is a highly addictive, spicy Latin-Caribbean-rock-reggae-rap fusion called reggeton.

Bora-Bora, Valentino’s and Joe’s Oyster Bar are all lined up along the beach, so they both open up in back to incredible views of the beach and crashing surf. In fact, Joe’s has a set of steps that you can take your drink and walk down to the beach if you are so inclined. The one thing that they all have in common is that they are big and will hold what looks like about a thousand people on a good weekend night.

Joe's Oyster Bar, MazatlanYou don’t have to wait for the weekend at Joe’s Oyster bar though cause the party rages seven days a week during the tourist season. Another popular spot is Gringo Lingo’s  and it is  right down the street from Joe’s. For live hard rock in an authentic blues club that features a wide range of stout mixed cocktails, its the Altazore Cafe at Plaza Mochados.

All Work and No Play Is Not Good

If your up to it the party starts the day that you arrive in Mazatlan. While there are other places on the planet that can boast a larger or more sophisticated club scene, one thing is for certain and that is that none of them can beat Mazatlan prices. If you are ready for $2 Pacifico’s by the bucket full and potent huge frosty margaritas and pina coladas for $3 a pop then you are ready for the clubs of Mazatlan.

Also with cab and pulmonia rides running a whopping $5 each, moving from club to club is cheap and convenient. Don’t feel that you have to stay anchored in the Gold Zone though, because if you take a ride south up the Malecone you will see Wild Cherry on your left which features a classic 70′s-80′s disco atmosphere, complete with colored lights and a sparkle ball hanging from the ceiling.

Another few blocks further down and you come to Senior Frogs, which is one of the oldest party clubs in Mazatlan. Keep on going up around a couple of corners and you will arrive at the old section of Mazatlan where a few more laid back clubs for the 40 something crowd can be found. Also, if you are really up for something different try stopping in at at one of the older run down cantinas such as Pelicano’s where the local fishermen drink $1 Pacifico’s all night with fallen women and local nare-do-wells until they are blitzed.


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