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Cathedrals in Mazatlan: The Cathedral of Immaculate Conception

There is more than one cathedral in the greater Mazatlan area serving the Catholic community but by far the most opulent is the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception, which towers over the very center of the city. It is a tradition that was carried over from medieval Europe to Mexico, that a towns church should be tall enough to be seen from afar and also be a representation of a cities wealth and stature as well.

Mazatlan CathedralThis huge and ornately decorated cathedral does just that and so much more, because it has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in the entire city of Mazatlan. Regardless of your faith, you will be simply awestruck when you first step through the door and witness the level of craftsmanship that went into decorating the interior of this beautiful cathedral.

Gold leafing is everywhere. The actual cornerstones for the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception were laid in the year of 1855 and the work dragged on until the year of 1875 when Father Miguel Lacarra seized the reigns of the construction project. It was through his spirited efforts that the main structure that stands today was completed in its basic form in the year of 1880.
Officially, it took twenty five years to build but the actual decorating work on the Cathedral continued on for several decades after that. In fact, even today you can find the best craftsmen in Mazatlan occasionally working on the cathedral, as it is considered the highest honer to be selected to do so.

Directly across the street from the entrance to the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception is the main central plaza of Mazatlan, where functions such as concerts and political events are held regularly on the weekends. If you arrive in Mazatlan on a cruise ship you can easily see the cathedrals towering yellow tile spires when you look out over the city. You don’t need a tour guide to go and see it but dress accordingly if you walk in on your own, as you would in any church in your home town.


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