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Deer Island

As you stand on the beach in the Gold Zone, you will see Deer Island. Its the large tree and brush covered island just offshore to your right and it is truly a special place. I highly recommended you visit during your stay in Mazatlan if possible. Along with pristine beaches that are free of vendors, there are also lots of shallow rocky tide pools that are great for snorkeling. Its also a great place to go kayaking as well.

All three of the islands that sit off the shore of Mazatlan have protected status, so there is plenty of native aquatic flora and fauna to be found along their shores. Another popular pastime for visitors to Deer Island is hiking along the trails that lead to the islands summit. From there you can get a clear view of the Pacific ocean to the west but most importantly it is where you are going to get the best photo ops of the entire stretch of the beaches of Mazatlan.

Another point of interest on Deer Island is its ancient petroglyph’s, left by the indigenous people that occupied the island during a much earlier time, some of which are dated as far back as 10,000 years. Deer island is just a great place to get away from it all for the day to see and feel what Mazatlan was like before the arrival of the first Europeans.

Booking a trip to this unique geographical feature is easy, as there are a number of services that offer day trips out there. All of them offer snorkeling and kayaking in their trip packages as well as lunch and refreshments on the beach. Or you can simply head down to the beach and hop on a jet ski or a light catamaran and take a quick spin out there, that takes only a few minutes at the most.

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