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El Centro

Also known as “the central shopping district”, El Centro is the lively center of the city of Mazatlan. For many people who are used to a more orderly and quiet setting to shop and sight see in, a trip to Centro can be a bit unnerving to say the least. The fact is, however, that with police on bikes, cars and motorcycles constantly visible in the traffic and unseen plain clothes cops mingling in the throngs of shoppers, a tourist is just as safe as as they would be on the beach in the Gold Zone. El Centro, Mazatlan

The Main Market, Plaza Mochado and the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception are the three most popular destinations in Centro. Also, they are all within close proximity to one another being just blocks apart, so visiting them requires only a short walk from one to the other. In the market, you will find vendors lined up in stalls that offer a wide mix of edible and non edible Mexican goods to look over.

One thing that you won’t find there is slick packaging, as everything there is displayed in a classic “farmers market” style, including the meat and fish. Understandably, most northerners are taken back a bit when they see some of the meat displays with tripe, beef and pork organs laid out along side chickens that still have their heads and feet intact.

The fact is, however, that when these items are prepared in traditional Mexican dishes such as manudo, they are delicious, also the smoked tuna and marlin are to die for, eaten right out of the package. The taco stands, street snack carts and small local eateries are another feature of Centro and everything that they serve is perfectly safe to eat and delicious.

Many of the fruit drinks that you will see being sold from stands there although colorful and eye catching can be a bit disappointing when it comes to flavor other then the sweetness of the sugar that  they put in them. However; the fresh squeezed tropical fruit juices that are sold there, of course are tangy and delightful.


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