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El Faro Lighthouse

Of all the things that a person can do after they arrive in Mazatlan on a cruise ship, a trip up to the El Faro Lighthouse is one of the quickest and most convenient. When you are standing on the top of the hill at the mouth of the port, 500 feet above the ocean, you can get an excellent panoramic view of the entire city of Mazatlan and its surrounding outlying areas.
El Faro Lighthouse Viewed from A Helicopter
Its located at the southern most part of the port and you should be able to easily see it from the ships deck. Its a twenty minute walk if you want to get the exercise or you can take a quick cab ride there from the ship. Its the second highest lighthouse in the world, so once you have climbed it, you will have that accomplishment to boast about.

However, there are a few things that you have to bear in mind if you feel that you are up to the challenge. It is a difficult climb on an unpaved trail and there are no accommodations for the handicapped. Dress lightly and wear appropriate footwear as well. Also, its going to take you about an hour to get top the top and another hour to get back down.

While this may cut into the hours that you have for the day to see Mazatlan, you will at the same time get a superb view of the city from the lighthouse. Bring your own bottled water, because you won’t find any for sale at the bottom of the trail that leads to the  lighthouse. Also bear in mind that it can be a difficult hike if you are not in shape.

Lastly, there generally are no cabs or pulmonias lingering around, so if you plan on taking a cab ride back you have to make previous arrangements with the cab driver that took you over there to return to pick you up or you will be stuck walking. Remember to bring a nice shade hat as well or you may end up sporting a nice sunburn.


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