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Finally The Straight Scoop On Safety In Mazatlan

Mention that you’re thinking of traveling to Mazatlan to your friends, and get ready for the chorus of dire warnings. Haven’t you seen the news?! Don’t you know that there’s US government travel advisories warning against traveling there?! So then what about all the people that do come down here?

Worse yet, what about the big community of expat Canadians, Aussies, Brits and Americans “like me” that live here year round? Can we all be collectively out of our minds? Thrill seekers with a quasi-death wish? After all, it’s not as if there aren’t options. So then what’s the real story from our points of view?

So Then Why All The Negative Publicity??

Ask any one of us down here, including myself, and we will tell you that it’s all ((fear politics)) and recession era economics. You see, if you read beyond the headlines and further on in the business section of your paper, you’ll find that tourist venues up north of the border are suffering badly.

All the lifeguards here are off-duty cops

Disney World in Orlando, Las Vegas, Wisconsin Dells, Atlantic City, New Orleans, all the winter ski resorts, and the list just goes “on and on.

They all need your precious vacation money spent up there, and they’re at an “extreme disadvantage” when it comes to what your dollar will get you up there, versus what it will buy you down here.

So yes there’s been a lot of publicity about the violence in Mexico in general, and even some in Mazatlan. However, as you read about it do keep one thing in mind. That’s that the vast majority of it is up at the border, over a thousand miles away.

Not One Tourist In Five Long Years!

Also the odd thing about it, is over the past five years that it’s been making headline in all the papers up north of the border, ((not one tourist)) in Mazatlan has been kidnapped or killed. In fact if you do some research you’ll find that it’s that same story in virtually all the vacation venues up and down the entire pacific coast here.

Yes there’s drug related violence here to a certain degree, and it for sure continues up north on both sides of the border where Phoenix Arizona now “tops the nation” for drug related kidnappings. The fact is though, that without exception it’s confined to drug traffickers “whomping away” on one another for all their various reasons.

But wait! What about getting caught in a cross-fire if it’s “whomping time” and your sitting at a table next to a group of them that’s about to get whomped on?? Sorry. Hasn’t happened to anyone here yet, and it’s been five years now of drug turf conflicts both here and in the US.

Mazatlan Is Actually A Pretty Big City

The reason is simple, and that’s that Mazatlan is a big city with a population of close to a million people. It spreads out about five miles in all four directions. So just like major cities in the US and Canada, it has it’s “rougher districts” where the bad guys tend to conduct their gang activity.

I feel as much in danger here when I hear about a drug related killing in the far flung outskirts of the city as, say a person living in a better area of any city up north would upon hearing about a drug related killing that occurs miles away down an alley in one of their ghettos. Sure I don’t like it but it doesn’t make me feel worried for my safety in the least bit.

Try to understand that with a population of over 140 million people with 50% of them living on $2 per day or less, Mexico in general has it’s fair share of crime problems. Just imagine what the area that you live in would be like if half the people sharing it with you had to live on $2 per day?

So Hats Off To Mazatlan Cops And Locals

So all things considered the Mexican cops have done and continue to do a great job of keeping their coastal tourist venues safe to visit. You’ll see cops “all over the place” down here, and they have a well earned reputation for being tough on crime that effects tourists. They don’t need search warrants here and there’s no criminal rights like they have up north of the border.

Also after five long years of watching their tourism economy in decline, the the locals that you’ll run across down here, particularly in the tourist areas do a great job of keeping their eyes on the tourists who do show up now. Even all the lifeguards on the beaches are off duty Mazatlan cops.

So in the end if you have plans on coming to Mazatlan to smuggle drugs, I would advice you not to do it. It’s downright dangerous to be a drug trafficker now!! However, if you want to come here for a vacation than come on down because you’ll be a heck of a lot safer here than you would vacationing in any big city in the US for sure.

The bottom line:

Go ahead and check the crime statistics in virtually all popular travel destinations around the world, and what you’ll find is that the global economic decline has had its effect on all all of them. Petty crimes like theft are up anywhere you travel today, so of course here in Mazatlan a little common sense goes a long way.


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