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Fishing in Mazatlan – A Wide Variety of Options

Mazatlan offers excellent world class fishing experiences. Just as with any other fishing destination however, there are variables such as the weather that can factor in to make or break a fishing expedition. However; on a good day the fishing in the waters around the greater Mazatlan area is as good as you will find anywhere.

Sportfishing in MazatlanCharter Boat Fishing Excursions

Finding a charter boat to take you out is no problem in Mazatlan. In fact, you can easily book your boat online, as there are several that advertise and do business on the Internet. Of course, the offshore fishing is superb on a good day but with the recent spike in gas prices the cost of offshore charter fishing has gone up as well. Most of the charter boats are going to charge you between $200 and $350 for a six hour trip for up to six people.

There are better deals available if you ask around once you arrive in Mazatlan but they can be unreliable at times. This means that the less you arrange to pay, the more apt you are to be left high and dry when you go down to the dock to meet your boat, because they have left with a better paying load of clients.

Mazatlan is well known for its billfishing and if you are looking to land the monster Marlin of your dreams, the waters off the shores of Mazatlan would be the place to do it. Of course there are loads of other species that are available such as Dorado, Sailfish, Yellow Fin Tuna and Roosterfish just to name a few. However; you have to bear in mind that just as with anywhere else the fishing can be not as optimal as you would like it to be from time to time.

Lake El Salto Bass Fishing


Inland Largemouth Bass Fishing

The secret is out on Largemouth Bass fishing in Mazatlan.
While everyone has been so focused on the waters off the shores of Mazatlan, Largemouth Bass fishing has been making a big comeback in a few lesser known inland lakes such as lake El Salto and lake Mateos.

For a few decades back in the 70s, 80s and 90s drought and agricultural runoff had pretty much done away with Mazatlan inland bass fishing but now all that has changed. The end of the drought and new efforts to create new agricultural drainage areas that bypass Bass habitat has led to these fisheries rebounding in a big way.

Shore Casting is Right Down at the Beach

Pan sized fryers are there for the taking with light tackle and shrimp.  The fact is, that there is a lot of money in offshore charter fishing and you may have found this out already if you have been researching the subject online.

Taxi Drivers, hotel staff and anyone else in the service industry that you talk to about fishing while you are visiting Mazatlan will have some charter service operator that gives them kickbacks for referrals. However; if you aren’t interested in forking out two or three hundred dollars for a day of offshore fishing with your friends and just want to tilt some brews and get your line wet, the beach in Mazatlan is never far away.

The best areas for shore fishing in Mazatlan if you don’t want to travel far is the south end of the main beach on the rocky outcroppings. Also, there is a great place out at the port at the end of the road where the port meets the ocean. Light tackle is all that you need and remember to brings lots of hooks and weights, because the rocky bottom makes for lots of snags.

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