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Food and Drink in Mazatlan

All that you have to do is to wander down the beach or any street  in a busy section of the city and smell the aromas that waft through the air to know that there is something special about the regional cuisine of Mazatlan. While

Seafood is Definitely Popular in Mazatlan!

other places around the globe seem to have at least a few local food items that can leave a visitor feeling a bit squeamish about sampling them, Mazatlan features nothing of the sort.

Echos from an Ancient Past

Fresh seafood, grilled over an open bed of coals and served with varied chili sauces and tortillas is a specialty of the “palapas” or small palm thatched open air restaurant that dot the beaches of Mazatlan. This method of grilling seafood still referrred to by the Indian name “barabacoa” was first practiced by the indiginous peoples that occupied the region over 10,000 years earlier, who would prepare their catch this way on the beach as soon as it was plucked from the ocean.

The Spanish Influences

The Spanish brought their traditions of ranching and farming to Mazatlan when they first came ashore in the 1500′s and this is why you will find a wide variety of beef dishes being served in the restaurants along the beach and in the surrounding area. Unlike the beef cattle north of the border that are raised in confined pens and fattened before market, the beef cattle of Sinaloa live in open pasture and tend to have less fat on them.

The result is tender beef dishes that are leaner, have a more mouthwatering “beefy” flavor and that smell fantastic when being prepared. With Mazatlan being a major shrimping port, of course the shrimp that are served there are huge and delicious.

Fresh and Tangy Ceviche

“Ceviche de camarone” is a regional classic that is served virtually everywhere in Mazatlan. Its prepared by marinating fresh uncooked shrimp in lime juice and then blending them with chopped spicy fresh chili’s and local vegetables. Its served mounded on a plate, with crisp fried corn tortillas, ice cold beer and it is simply delicious. A wide variety of fresh tropical fruit preparations, salads and juices abound  in Mazatlan and you can see them being sold at small stands doted along the streets throughout the area.

The Unique Style of Mazatlan

One thing that you won’t find anywhere in Mazatlan however, is burritos, which are a food item that hails from regions of northern Mexico. Besides, “Mazatlecos” like to feast on their food with their eyes as well as their mouths and wouldn’t like the idea of eating such a plain looking food item as a burrito. Where ever you find  the people of Mazatlan preparing food you will find Mazatlecos gathered around watching, because open air food preparation in northern Sinaloa is considered to be a spectator sport.


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