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Golden Zone in Mazatlan

The “Golden Zone”, “Gold Zone” or “Zona Dorado” sits on the far north end of Mazatlan right up against the beach. Its the newer section of Mazatlan and it is generally the first stop for tourist that come to visit.Mazatlan Golden Zone - Begins At the White Castle Along with numerous hotels, restaurants, bars and recreational services and facilities, it also has a few very popular beaches.

The Gold Zone is alive with economic activity and has been ground zero for a building boom that has spanned the past decade and continues to this day. Also, from the Gold Zone you have easy access to a good number of larger department, hardware and grocery stores including Lays, Home Depot and Wall Mart that are located just to the east of it.

Unlike other areas of Mazatlan, such as the downtown area, the Gold Zone is laid out in an easy to understand straight line grid that runs parallel with the beach. This means that is is super easy to find your way around in it, so it is a nice place for someone that is new to Mazatlan to wander around in.

Joe's Oyster BarThe liveliest spot in the Gold Zone to eat or drink is Joe’s Oyster Bar which it is positioned right on and opens up in back on the beach. From its balcony you can while away an afternoon drinking and dining, while enjoying the spectacle of people parasailing from the beach right in front of you.

The Gold Zone actually covers a wide swath of territory that stretched north along the beach a few miles. On the far norther side of the Gold Zone is located the new marina, the El Cid Hotel, golf course and country club as well as quite a number of high rise condominium projects both completed and under construction.

Locating any one of the many tour, sportfishing and recreation services that operate out of the Gold Zone is as easy as walking in and asking at the front desk of any one of the hotels located there. This is because the front desk staff at all of the hotels in the Gold Zone are bilingual and will be more than glad to make the necessary calls for you as well.



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