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Horseback Riding in Mazatlan

There is just something special when you mix horses with beaches. Who at some point in their life hasn’t seen people in a movie   horseback riding in the surf on a beach and thought to themselves, “damn the looks fun”. The problem is that just like so many other things in the movies it can seem so far out of reach in the real world. The fact of the matter, is that Mazatlan is not the real world, its a vacation paradise and that means that excellent waterfront equestrian facilities are just a short taxi ride away from your hotel.

Is it Real Horseback Riding?

Pristine beaches combined with tame well trained horses equals fun! These aren’t carnival or amusement park style horseback riding experiences that are being offered at the north end of Mazatlan and on Stone Island. Yes the rides are guided but you are free to wander freely on the beach and take off in a full gallop away from the group at any time.

Mazatlan Horseback RidingMost people that go horseback riding in Mazatlan are doing it for the first time in their lives and are happy to move along in a group and receive the expert instruction that is offered along the way. However; if you are an experienced rider and can demonstrate that to the staff at the facility then feel free to take off down the beach to do some exploring on your own. You will be required to sign an insurance waiver before you begin, so you are responsible for your own safety.

Rated Number One by Kids and Teens

How can your kids not like riding horses in the water on the Beach?
Mazatlan is a veritable gold mine for adult entertainment and in fact one common problem for many vacationers in need of rest, is that they leave more exhausted then when they arrived in Mazatlan. However; for families with kids both young and old, finding entertainment that everyone will enjoy can sometimes require a little thought.

Horseback riding on the beach is just a no-brainer and as far as prices go, you really just cant beat it. Its $40 for a one and a half hour ride, which when compared to other rides that are available on the beaches of Mazatlan, is a great deal. Also, you and your family will most likely find that riding a horse for an hour and a half can be quite exhausting by the time you are through.

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