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Kayaking in Mazatlan

One thing that Mazatlan has no shortage of, is opportunities to ride on or in the water on any one of a number of modes of transport. While most of them are geared towards delivering a maximum adrenalin rush as quickly as possible, there is one experience that is available for someone that wants to get a close to nature as they possibly can during their visit to Mazatlan. Kayaking along the craggy pristine shorelines of the islands off the coast of Mazatlan is truly a feast for the senses that will provide memories that will last a lifetime

Offshore Islands Offer a True Wilderness Experience

Kayaking the shores of Deer Island is an unforgettable experience. While Mazatlan does hold endless inland recreational and dining opportunities there may come a point during your stay when you will want to get away from it all. The best place to do this is with a kayaking trip off the shores of Deer Island. Deer Island is the big  offshore land feature on the far right hand side of the bay when you look out in to the ocean from Mazatlan. Kayaking in Mazatlan

Its on the back side of the island where all the adventure is at, because once you are there, you may as well be in the middle of nowhere. The whole of Deer Island is a protected nature preserve and it has the only beach in the entire Mazatlan area that doesn’t have any vendors on it. Also, the waters around any of the offshore islands tends to be a lot more clearer than the water you will see along the shores of mainland Mazatlan.

This means that the snorkeling that is to be had there along with the Kayaking that is available is fantastic. Hiking along tails that lead to the top of Deer Island leads to possibly the most breath taking sightseeing and picture taking opportunities to be found in the entire Mazatlan area, so dont forget to bring your camera.

Kayaking is Easy, Close, and Reasonably Priced

Its kayaking, snorkeling, a beach picnic and trail hiking all in one convenient trip. Kayaking the islands off the shores of Mazatlan will take up the better part of a day but don’t worry about where you are going to eat lunch at, because it will be provided for you out on the island. There is also hiking and snorkeling in the clear waters of the Deer Island nature preserve that you can join in on of you choose to while you are out there.

All of the guides that work for the kayaking services that are available are bilingual and are also expert outdoors men that know the entire area like the back of their hand. However; weather can play a big part in determining the overall quality of your experience. This is because, on a windy day the water can be a little choppy and murky, which can make both the snorkeling and kayaking less than optimal.

Make sure to ask before hand what the weather and water visibility  are both like, particularly if you are interested in snorkeling. However; the hiking is fantastic on Deer island in any type of weather and the views from the islands summit will provide you with memories that will last a lifetime. If you plan on making the trip up to the summit of the island make sure that you remember to wear something other than sandals on your feet for the hike.

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