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Mazatlan’s Nightlife

Nighttime on the Mexican Riviera is the time to let the good times roll. Mexicans love nothing more then a good party and when you are in Mazatlan you are in their domain, so if you come for the nightlife you have come to the right place for all the right reasons.

When it comes to clubs in Mazatlan its pick and choose and most of them stay open till dawn. When its time to move on to another spot just step out the door, jump into a pulmonia and hit the next club just a block or two away and remember to bring your drink as long as its in a plastic cup.

What Happens in Mazatlan Stays in Mazatlan

Who in their right mind would go to sleep at night in Mazatlan? A person can do that at home and besides nighttime in Mazatlan is time to really enjoy your vacation. No matter what you consider to be an enjoyable evening its just a short taxi ride away in Mazatlan. In fact, if you arrive on a cruise ship and have only a handful of  hours to spend before the ship leaves in the afternoon, the nightlife at Senior Frogs can kick off as early as 11am.

The most popular clubs are located along the beach in the Golden Zone and you will have no trouble finding them, because on a good night the party spills out into the street. If your into tribal dancing on tables to regeton music with a mixed crowd of tourists and locals then Joe’s Oyster Bar is highly recommended. If you think that the place is crazy, just wait until the fire eaters show up out back on the beach and blow 15 foot flames up over the crowd for tips.

If live rock music and a more contemporary blues club atmosphere is more your flavor then take a ride over to Plazuela Machado and drop anchor at the Altazore Cafe for $2 Pacificos and a wide assortment of mixed cocktails. They feature the top rated metal and clasic rock  bands in Northern Sinaloa and friendy biligual staff.

Mazatlan Nightlife


If Your Friends Could Only See You Now

Don’t forget that after all Mazatlan is a party town, so drink up. Coming from north of the border, things can seem a little strange at times when you are enjoying the nightlife in Mazatlan. If you are ready to leave to find another place to party and your drink is still full thats no problem. Just ask for a plastic cup and head right out the door and jump into a cab or pulmonia with it.

Also, dancing on tables in most clubs is in fact encouraged, particularly when the dance floor gets too crowded and they need more room. You almost have to commit a murder to be 86ed from a club in Mazatlan and there is no such thing as drunken public ticket in Mexico either.

What this all adds up to is that opportunities to experience some of the most ludicrous club partying of your life are rife in Mazatlan and all of the establishments are positioned a short convenient hop from one another, so its pick and choose until the sun comes up.

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