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Mercado Municipal in Centro, Mazatlan

The main market downtown is a place that every visitor to Mazatlan must see and experience. It covers a big one square block area in its entirety and also has a second story as well in the back of it. If you are used to shopping in supermarkets back home where everything is prepackaged then you are in for a real surprise when you stroll through the Mercado Municipal.

An incredibly diverse range of exotic produce and market goods are displayed in stalls that are lined up end to end in several isles that run throughout this giant indoor market. The smells of chile’s, fresh tropical fruits of all sorts, as well as fresh seafood and meat fills the air. The meat stalls, in particular, can be somewhat unappetizing to someone that is used to meat counters back home, where everything is arranged in neat Styrofoam packages wrapped in plastic.

Its all fresh and safe though and you can buy fresh custom cut steaks there for six bucks a kilo. The fruit there is also delivered fresh each morning. Exotic fruits such as “guanabana” which is loaded with juice and tastes just like bubble gum are available there along with other fresh exotic foods and all are surprisingly inexpensive.

The prices on everything that you find at the main market in Mazatlan are the cheapest that you will find anywhere in the entire city. This means that it is definitely the place to shop if you wish to take home some souvenir t-shirts, hats or anything else for that matter.

Some of the souvenir stall retailers can seem a little aggressive with their sales technique at times but they mean no harm. Don’t feel bad about seeming rude and just walking away, because they understand and in fact they do it to each other all the time. It just comes with the territory in any busy Mexican market place.
Although big and relatively crowded, the main market is an incredibly safe place to visit, as it is heavily policed by Mazatlan cops and also the merchants themselves who are very protective of their market and the visitors who come to shop there. Its easy to find, because it is located right in the center of the downtown area next to the cathedral.

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