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Mountain Biking in Mazatlan

When most people first hear that there is world class mountain biking going on in Mazatlan they are a bit surprised. This is due to the fact that while there are beautiful beaches plainly visible there, good mountain biking terrain is just not anywhere in sight.

However; once you leave the actual city of Mazatlan and begin to head south down Hwy15, after about ten miles it all becomes perfectly clear when you see the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains looming to the east, just a stone throws away.

All Skill Levels from Beginners to Advanced

From Beginners to experienced pros, Mazatlan has it ready for you. Ever since the Mountain Biking World cup was held there in the year 2000, the secret has been out and now mountain bikers from all over the globe are flocking to Mazatlan to test their skills. This in turn has led to operators setting up enterprises that accommodate anyone that wishes to ride the trails in the mountains and foothills that surround the greater Mazatlan area.

Don’t feel as though you have to have had some level of previous experience in order to patronize any of the mountain biking tour services though. This is because, just like all of the other day trip and adventure enterprises in the area, they are all set up to accommodate anyone regardless of their skill level.

If you are a beginner, don’t worry, because you will be instructed and directed on trials that are selected and groomed for your skill level. At the same time, if your skills and expectations are of a higher level you can and will be accommodated as well on challenging pro calibre trails.

Of course, you can bring your own bike if you wish to but all of the tour operators have bikes and safety equipment that they can provide you with if you don’t. Also, you can head out on your own if you want to, without the benefit of a tour operator but it is highly recommended that you first become somewhat familiar with the mountains that are located just outside of Mazatlan.

A Great Way to See and Experience the Sierra Madre’s

Run the trails in the Sierra Madre’s and log a lifetime of memories. Mountain biking in Sinaloa is actually a relatively new sport to the area for a number of reasons. To begin with, for years it just wasn’t something that people did when they were visiting Mazatlan.

With all the surfing, fishing and partying just to name a few popular Mazatlan past times, people just tended to be busy doing other things.  Sure, it was going on but up until about ten years ago it was relatively unheard of.

Secondly, the mountain ranges north of the border have all been accessible for years, due to the well paved roads that wind through them. However; the Sierra Madre mountains that you run into just after you head south from Mazatlan are a whole different story. They were then and still are now, comprised of vast regions of wild country just beckoning to be explored.

The actual terrain is a mix of everything from thick scrub and cactus, to heavy mountainous jungle further down towards Tepic. One great way to get a fantastic look at this beautiful mountain range is to go to the bus station in Mazatlan and take the $12 four hour trip down the highway to Tepic. After you get there, you simply buy a ticket back and see it all again for another four hours.

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