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My Recent Visit To A Mazatlan Dentist

As costs for dental work in the US, the UK, and Canada have only continued to shoot up, so too have the prices on the same procedures done south of the order become more affordable. Mexican dentistry prices as low as one eighth of what you’ll pay back home.

In fact people have even been known to finance their entire Mexican dental vacation just on what they saved on work they had done down down here.

So Just How Low Are They???

It’s not hard to believe either, once you find out that for instance a dental implant that will run you $8000 up north of the border, will cost you about $1000 down here with a Mazatlan dentist. Or that a $1,500 to $2,000 crown will run you a whopping $200 “or so” here as well.

So then with prices so low, what’s the real story? As a matter of fact in the five years that I have lived here in Mazatlan, I’ve always wondered that myself.

Now I understand that prices are lower here on pretty much anything you shop for in Mexico but I couldn’t help but notice in talking to people who have been to a Mazatlan dentist that that prices on all types of dental work are just “so much” lower than in the US.

Now I wish I could have written this article sooner but the fact is that I’m one of those people who avoid dentists. In fact the last time I went to one prior to my first dental visit to a Mazatlan dentist was about ten years ago when I sought out a dentist in Northern California regarding a tooth that part of it had broken off of.

Now at that time the dentist told me that the two teeth on both sides of the chipped tooth had to be ground down, so he could install a bridge. However, there was just one minor problem that cropped up.

That was that I didn’t have dental insurance, so the plan had to be changed to just installing a much less costly simple crown, which by the way has functioned just fine to this day.

It Was My Time To Try Out A Mazatlan Dentist

So fast forward to June of 2011 when it became painfully obvious that I had a problem with one of my molars. My jaw became inflamed and my hopes were that it was only an infection.

So off I went to the pharmacy to pick up some antibiotics after visiting one of the local store front clinics that are dotted around the city.

Well the antibiotics worked for a time but the pain and swelling kept returning which meant just one thing. That was that it was time for a visit to a dentist. But not just any dentist, rather a Mazatlan Dentist.

So as much trepidation as I have about dentists in general, I saw this as a chance to see first hand just how they compared to dentists I had been treated by back home.

Three Visits For My Root Canal….About $125

So to make a long story short, I had a root canal done, and the doctors work was nothing short of superb. Now my final bill converted to American dollars came out to be around $125, and by the way my first examination visit was free of charge.

Now that was a bit of a surprise coming from the US where virtually nothing is free.

As far as his office was concerned, there was “virtually nothing” that would differentiate it from any modern fully equipped office in the US. The equipment was all new and up to date, and it was all arranged just as you would expect any dental office to be, with one exception.

You see, he had no receptionist. I simply sat in the waiting room until it was my turn and that was it. Dr. Pineda poked his head through the door waved me in a little while after his last patient had exited. Also let me say that although he didn’t speak fluent English, he spoke what I would call “dentist English”

That is that while I doubt he would be able to hold a “detailed” conversation about life in general, none the less he knew all the English terms and phrases relating to his work.

So we communicated “perfectly” in that respect and there was never any problems there. All just “fine and dandy”.

So Just How Are Mazatlan Dentists Able To Do It???

So then just how are the dentists here in Mazatlan able to charge such low fees for their work as compared to what you would pay up north of the border. Especially considering that they use the same equipment, same treatment techniques, same everything. The answers it turns out, are quite basic.

For starters because the Mexican government subsidizes the education of dental students there are just more dental offices here. You see them pretty much everywhere as you make your way around the city.

It’s not accomplished with student loans either, so Mazatlan dentists don’t graduate with crushing debt like so many medical professionals in the US.

Low Costs For Them Means Lower Costs For You

They also don’t have to foot the same “massive” malpractice insurance costs like all medical professionals do in the US either, so you’re not paying near as much for that in your bill as well.

You see, people just aren’t as “sue happy” down here. Also Mexicans would no more consider suing a doctor as they would the village priest.

What it all boils down to, is that when you’re treated by Mexican dentists you’re pretty much only paying for his time and perhaps the rent on the building will be factored in as really his or her only operational overhead.

So the bottom line here: is Dr. Pineda gets an A+ from me, and I’d for sure recommend him to anyone.

Dr. Edgar Sinhue Lopez Pineda, Av. Insurgentes No. 1016, Colonia Maria Fernanda. (Just open the gate and knock on the door.)

Tel. 669-176-2565


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