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Parasailing in Mazatlan

Of all the outrageous things that you can find to entertain yourself with in Mazatlan, parasailing has got to be the most insane. If you have already seen people parasailing in the area that you are from or on TV then that partly prepares you for what you are going to see in the waters off the shores of Mazatlan. Quite simply, the boats are faster, the ropes are longer and the heights that are attained by the daredevils strapped to the parachutes are definitely substantially higher.

Parasailing in MazatlanTry Parasailing for the Ultimate Rush

The ultimate beach thrill is waiting for you if you are up to it. Parasailing in Mazatlan is something that you definitely don’t have to look hard to find. In fact, on any given day during the tourist season all that you have to do is look out over the bay and you will see some brave soul, suspended high up in the air, being dragged behind a speed boat.

There is usually a group of individuals offering their services on the beach behind Joe’s Oyster Bar for $40 a pop. However; don’t feel bad if you chicken out at the last minute, because you can sit on the patio at Joe’s drinking Pacifico’s all day watching others do the same. One sure fire remedy for conquering a case of “parasailing phobia” is a a few shots of Cuervo Gold, as it is said to work wonders.

The rides which last about ten minutes or so, do seem a little short from a spectators point of view but most everyone that comes in for a landing seems more then happy to finally be back on terra firma. Of course, there are other parasailing services that ply their trade up and down the beach area but most of them don’t operate as informally as the characters do on the beach behind Joe’s wher you can just walk right up.

It’s Perfectly Safe, Sort Of

There is just something about parasailing that scares everyone. Remember, that in life you have nothing to fear except fear itself and there is nothing better to point up this fact then standing on the beach in Mazatlan being strapped into a parachute. At the other end of the long rope that you are attached to sits a large high powered speed boat, its motor throbbing as it bobs out beyond the waves.

Just as you are questioning your sanity and wondering why they don’t give you some skis or at least let you get into the water, the signal is given and up you go kicking and screaming plucked right off the beach. There are basicly two ways to go about parasailing while you are vacationing in Mazatlan. The first way is to do it at the spur of the moment by surrendering yourself to the parasailing guys behind Joes Oyster Bar.

Also, you can easily get in touch with one of the other services that offer parasailing around the area.  Some will tug you around for as little as $30 but these deals can’t be expected to last with fuel prices going up the way that they have been recently.  Also, you will be required to sign an insurance waiver which is really no big deal. Thats because, none of these guys have any insurance or assets anyway.

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