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Plaza Machado

One venue not to skip in Mazatlan is Plazuela Machado (also known as Plaza Machado) in the heart of old town. Plazuela Machado and the Angela Peralta Theater on its north end stand together as monuments to Mazatlan’s downtown revival that has been ongoing for the past twoPlazeula Machado decades.

Plazuela Machado is Mazatlan’s answer to the French Quarter of New Orleans with its centuries old architecture, ornate ironwork and fantastic cafes, restaurants and art galleries that fill it from end to end. Old Mexican style sidewalk dining is the norm at this jewel of Mazatlan. In fact, on weekend nights the streets the traverse the plaza are closed and filled with tables to accommodate the throngs of festive visitors that flock there in the evenings.

Music fills the air as you walk past each restaurant and cafe in the evenings from the live entertainment that most all of them feature. For a unique and lively dinner theater experience, visit the Altazore Cafe, which features the top rock bands in Mazatlan on the weekends and lighter acoustical acts during the week.

Because Plazuela Machado is more out of the way then other popular tourist spots on the beach in Mazatlan it tends to draw a far less rambunctious crowd and is a great place to spend a leisurely evening. Still one more thing that this venue is known for is its excellent selection of fine dining establishments with prices that run about half that of comparable eateries in the Gold Zone.

Plazeula Machado

This plaza’s park like setting, in its central square lined with cast iron park benches, features a relaxing old Mexican ambiance that beckons you to just take a seat and hang around and people watch a while after you have finished your lunch or dinner. Plazuela Machado, like the central square in every Mexican town, is a place where people traditionaly come to relax, socialize and enjoy the cool air of the evening.


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