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Restaurants in Mazatlan

If you are going to be visiting Mazatlan for the first time then you will be in for a culinary shock. What you may recognize as Mexican cuisine based on your experiences north of the border will have no resemblance to the local fare that you will find available in the uncountable dining establishments that are to be found in the greater Mazatlan area.

There simply is no frozen seafood available in Mazatlan as the catch is brought directly from the docks to the kitchens on a daily basis. The shrimp, scallops and lobster are sweet and succulent and there is a huge selection of fish species, all of them firm and delicious. Also, all of the beef that is served in Mazatlan is ranch raised locally and is not only tender but has a far more natural “beefy” flavor.

So Many Restaurants and So Little Time

The Restaurants in Plazuela Machados Are Highly RecommendedIf you love great seafood then you will be in heaven in Mazatlan. Its crazy, because you can walk out of a restaurant in Mazatlan having just completed a fantastic meal get a whiff of what they are cooking in another restaurant just down the street and actually want to stop in there and eat another lunch or dinner. The food and restaurants are just that good and the prices are unbelievable as well.

Mazatlan is a port town and Sinaloa is known for its sprawling cattle ranches as well as its fruit and vegetable farms, so Mazatlan is ground zero for some of the best dining that you will find anywhere. This means that seafood and or beef dishes are a specialty in virtually any dining establishment and the mountainous portions that they serve will simply amaze you.

The Golden Zone is literally sprinkled with excellent restaurants that are easy to find, because they are literally lined up along the beach. The views are breathtaking but this is where you are going to pay the highest prices. If you can do with out the ocean view, Plazuela Machados is highly recommended, because the entire plaza is ringed by excellent restaurants that feature prices that are about half of what you will pay in the Gold Zone.

The Water and Ice are Fine

Much has changed over the years, so now it is perfectly safe to drink the water and ice.  Purified bottled water is readily available and besides, just about every restaurant has a modern water purification system in it now. The same goes for the fresh vegetables that are served in the restaurants in Mazatlan, because they are also perfectly safe and delicious to eat.

If you would like to find the best super cheap lunches and dinners in Mazatlan, go to the main market in the Centro District and walk to the back of it. You will see a set of stairs that lead to an upstairs section. Walk up the stairs and you will find about ten small cafes, each with a large selection of authentic Mexican dishes that range in price between $2.50-$3.00.

Also, most of the rinky-dink establishments that you will pass along the streets serve great food for cheap but the service can often be lacking. Some of these places that mostly cater to locals can be slow in bringing your bill, because it is the custom in Mexico to wait until you ask for it. Simply tell your waiter (me quenta por favor), which means “my bill please” and he will bring it to your table.

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