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Sailing in Mazatlan

There is just something about being out on the water in a sailing boat that makes letting go of a persons cares and worries so much easier to do. No matter where it is that you are floating on the water in a wind powered craft, the sound of the wind in the sails and the water gently tapping on the hull can quickly lull you into a hypnotic trance and gently carry you away.

Now add to this equation dolphins tagging along beside the boat, as whales breach the surface out in the distance against the backdrop of the pristine rocky coastline of the Mexican Riviera and that is sailing in Mazatlan Bay. Witnesing the splendour of a golden sunset from the deck of a sailboat is within easy reach during your stay in this vacation paradise.

Finding a Boat in Mazatlan is Easy

Sailing MazatlanJust head to the beach, because theres no planning required to sail. That is in fact just how easy it is to find someone to take you out on a sailboat in Mazatlan. Granted, the sailboats that you will find ready to go at the beach are small catamarans but they are all ready to go at a moments notice.

If they are already running or in the process of getting ready to run a party out around the islands, you can hang out a while on the beach at Joe’s Oyster Bar and about the time that your first Pacifico is running low, a boat will come gliding in to shore ready to pick you up.

However; if you are interested in longer excursions on a larger boat it is literally “pick and choose” in Mazatlan. Of course the prices vary, depending on the size of the boat, the size of the crew that man it and the length of the time that you wish to spend out on the water.

There’s Just So Much to See and Do out in the Bay

On a Sailboat the door is wide open to a veritable cornucopia of activities. This is because, there are boat tour operators that offer pretty much anything that you can think of to do on the beach or on the bay in Mazatlan.

The craft that are available for hire range in size from smaller catamarans, capable of carrying a few people at a time, all the way up to an eighty-two foot ocean going sloop that can accommodate a large group such as wedding party or a corporate function.

Gourmet dining, snorkeling and scuba diving, whale watching, jet skiing, fishing, wake boarding and water skiing are just a smattering of the activities that you can find a sailing charter to hook you up with and list just goes on from there.

Needless to say, the scenery is nothing short of fantastic and the water around the islands on a good day is crystal clear and full of a wide variety of aquatic life. Also, because the charter sailing business in Mazatlan is so highly competitive, for the most part, you will always find first class service and very competitive rates as well.

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