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Shopping in Mazatlan

At some point during your trip to Mazatlan you are going to have to do a little shopping. Even of you aren’t interested in bringing back something in your suitcase you are going to at least buy some cigarettes, souvenir t-shirts or a shade hat. Also, the beach area is where you are going to find the beach vendors hawking their wares, such as sunglasses and cheap beaded necklaces, which are fun to buy and wear.

The closer you are to the Golden Zone the higher the price you are going to pay for anything that you buy and your in Mazatlan not Tijuana, so bargaining down the price can be difficult at times but it can be done. If you want to really do some shopping on your trip however, you are going to have to go to the central down district and have a look around.

It Looks Crazy But Its Very SafeShopping in Mazatlan

The real shopping action is downtown away from the Gold Zone. Downtown Centro is really just a short cab ride away from the Gold Zone but the traffic can be congested, which makes the ride seem longer than it is. On a busy day it can look like a zoo once you arrive there but it is heavily policed and is in fact far safer than similar down town areas in the U.S., so relax and enjoy yourself.

The best strategy is to walk through the entire market area and have a close look at everything that is for sale there before you buy. At times the vendors can seem a little pushy and once you begin conversation regarding any of their merchandise you can seem “stuck” as they are loath to see a potential sale walk away. Just walk off  and don’t feel bad about seeming rude. They are used to it, they know that they are hustling you and they completely understand.

Its Knock-Off Heaven in Centro

If your looking for deals you can find them at the Downtown market. Literally every name brand product that you will find for sale down there is a knock off and that even includes the cigarettes. There are reputable places to buy Cuban cigars in Mazatlan but you won’t find any of them downtown. There are however, great deals on fake designer sunglasses for around $5-$7 a pop and this is where you are also find your dream deal on a $10 watch.

Another great take home item is DVDs, because you can buy knockoff DVDs down there that have four movies on one disc for $5. If you look carefully there is a stall on the south end of the main central market that has knockoff designer purses and fashion accessories for sale. If you have been dreaming of buying a fake Louie Vuiton bag or purse on the cheap this would be the place to do it. Finally, where ever you shop in Mexico watch you money carefully and do your best not to get shortchanged.

Don’t learn your lessons the hard way. Shopping anywhere in Mexico you have to be on your toes when doing your business transactions. Get your money broken into smaller bills before you head out, so you don’t have to hand a vendor a big bill that requires a large amount of change. Also, try to avoid buying several items at a time or they will do their “funny math”.  When you shop in Mexico you “are” going to get shortchanged but the idea is to keep the damage to a minimum.

Check Out the Malls, TooGran Plaza, Mazatlan

Mazatlan’s largest mall is Gran Plaza. Located behind the Malecon by a couple of blocks, here you’ll find a movie theater, food court with many places to eat, a large arcade, and roughly a hundred stores to visit. There’s also a smaller mall, Ley Del Mar, which has fewer shops. Both are easily accessible by the bus, or a taxi driver can easily take you here.

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