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Snorkeling in Mazatlan

Snorkeling is the perfect combination of a water sport and an exercise workout thrown together into to one activity. It is always exciting to see what is waiting to greet you when you first enter the water when snorkeling, the clearer the water the better.

Whether snorkeling in the waves off the beach or in the more secluded rocky shoals and tide pools that surround the islands offshore, one thing is for certain and that is that snorkeling in the waters of Mazatlan is something that you are sure to enjoy.

Just Head Down to the Beach

If you have a mask, snorkel and swim fins, bring them with you. This is because you can find great places to go snorkeling right down at the beach in Mazatlan. Most of the beaches there are sandy but at the ends of them and out on the points there are rocks and tide pools just waiting to be explored. Also, because Mazatlan is enclosed in a big bay the water is almost never too rough to go snorkeling.

Virtually all of the boats for hire keep snorkeling equipment handy, so if you find yourself out on one just ask them about it and they will be more then glad to break it out for you. There are however, snorkeling tours that you can take out to the islands that are off shore in the bay. All three of the islands are nature preserves and each is home to a virtual cornucopia of underwater flora and fauna.

There are over fifteen miles of continual beach front in Mazatlan, so you will never run out of areas to explore. Also, when you get tired and need a rest and something to drink, one of the many restaurants and quaint thatched roof palapas that are dotted along the beaches in Mazatlan is only a few steps away.

Check the Water Clarity Before You Head Out Snorkeling

On a good calm day in Mazatlan the snorkeling couldn’t be better. However; there are days when there are problems with the water clarity. Also, the surf can be a little rough from time to time as well. This is due to the fact that while Mazatlan is protected by a bay, it is susceptible to encroaching Pacific tidal currents that occasionally make their way through from time to time.

Also, wind can play a big part in how rough the surf is, which in turn can have a negative effect on the clarity. The good news is that even if the water has less than perfect visibility, it will usually clear up in a day or two. Even more good news, is that snorkeling and scuba diving tours are far more affordable then you will find in other vacation destinations and also they are far less crowded as well.

Make sure that you check around before you book with any one service, because they all have different deals to offer their customers. This means that while some might offer snorkeling and scuba excursions tailored for the more “ experienced hard core” diver that will take you and your party out for a day of solid diving. Still another will have an itinerary that offers more of a “party excursion” with drinks and food on the beach out on the island.

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