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Stone Island aka Isla de la Piedra

Standing on the shores of the bay in Mazatlan and looking out to the ocean you will see three islands and neither of them is Stone Island, because in fact, Stone Island isn’t even an island at all. Its a peninsula, that is located south east of Mazatlan on the other side of the port. Its called an island, because for years it was only accessible by boat and also it is quite secluded. Known as Isla de la Piedra, this is a popular vacation spot for the locals.

Quiet and lightly populated, Stone Island is a favorite destination for tourists who are looking for something different than what Mazatlan has to offer. If you are staying in the Golden Zone you will also find the beaches of Stone island far less crowded. Also, the prices at the many “palapa”or the small open air palm thatched restaurants that line the beach on Stone Island are far lower than you will find in similar eateries in Mazatlan.

Wandering three and four piece free lance mariachi bands keep the beach front filled with music and they will gladly perform an impromptu concert at your table for a few bucks. Along with great scenery and dining, Stone Island offers a wide variety of recreational opportunities, including ATV rentals, horseback riding, catamarans and banana boats just to name a few.

Getting to Stone Island is faster and easier than you might think. There is an embarcadero that operates twenty-four hours a day on the eastern side of the Mazatlan peninsula. There is yet another mode of water transport to the island that operates from 7am to 7pm and it is located in the South Beach area of Mazatlan. That water taxi operates out of a small yellow building located one block east of the La Paz Ferry Building.Isla De La Piedra - Stone Island

Stone Island also has an RV park, complete with full utility hook ups however, you would be well advised to call ahead of time to make sure that there will be a vacancy when you arrive, 914-1444. If for some reason there isn’t room for your RV then head back to the main highway where the airport entrance ties in and head south away from Mazatlan. Keep your eyes peeled for the sign at the end of the first road to your left that advertises another RV park.

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