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Strip Clubs in Mazatlan – A Complete Run-Down

The first thing that you need to understand before you read any further, is that prostitution is legal in Mexico. So yes there is prostitution going on in the strip clubs in Mazatlan, and if that end of it offends you then read no further. Now I’m a 52 year old single male, a 5 year permanent resident of this city, and no, I have “no problem” with it.

As a matter of fact I’ve been to all the strip clubs down here several times and there’s more than the three main clubs Hipocampo, La Botana, and Tarrandas. However, the others like the Red Dragon are on the outskirts of the city. Too far to travel, and in areas that are really best to be avoided. Besides these 3 local clubs have “all that you need”.

Now all three clubs are different in certain respects and while I happen to prefer Tarrandas, you may for your own reasons prefer one of the others. For instance La Botana which translates into (little snack) in Spanish, is more upscale. It’s right on the beach in the middle of the malacone, and caters to a more touristy crowd. You can’t miss it.

Now the girls look real swell and I even ran into one in there that spoke pretty damn good English. The one time that I went in there because as noted above, it caters to a tourist crowd, so it has tourist prices and a “tourist hustle”. For instance the girl that I talked to kept trying to talk me out of money, and I don’t just give away money in strip clubs unless I “get something” in return. So I got tired of that real quick.

Mazatlan Strip Club Hipocampo during its off-hours. It's a nice place but I like Tarrandas better.

The next stop is Hipocompo, and in my opinion the girls there aren’t as nice looking as the chicks in Tarrandas. Also the place is ran by a couple of lesbians who I suspect tend to hire girls who are also lesbian. Anyway they aren’t near as friendly as the girls in Tarrandas. Plus every time I’ve tried to negotiate a price for “backroom sex” with one they wanted way too much money.

So this brings us to Tarrandas which is where I direct any tourists that ask for advice on the topic, and is also really the only strip club I go to. It’s not in the best part of town but it’s not in the worst either. Just a few blocks off the malacone, and there’s always 4 or 5 taxi drivers sitting in their cars out in front, plus and a beefy security guy at the door.

Mexican Strip Club Ground Rules

  • Get your money broken into smaller bills before entering. (100 & 200 peso bills)
  • Don’t let the girls or the waiters see inside your wallet if you have a large amount of money in it. (You won’t get robbed. It just makes price negotiating more difficult)
  • Don’t order mixed drinks or wine. Just drink beer because they hardly put any booze in the cocktails, and the wine is “absolutely ghastly”.
  • Pay for your drink orders as they arrive at your table because running a tab is a sure fire way to get overcharged. Then always make sure to tip the waiter.
  • Don’t stare at the patrons sitting at the next table over when they’re getting table dances. (It’s hard not to do because some of the girls are “so damn cute”, and they’re quite often fully naked.)

I like to go in, have a seat at a table then sit back and down a few beers while I watch the stage for a while before I consider doing anything. Just to check them all out before I go for any of the 60 peso lap dances. Then after about an hour of watching and “getting my drink on”, I’ll start to roll the idea of screwing one in a back room around in my head.

So the next step is on to the negotiating process. Now I learned the hard way the first time I went in there about not coming to a “clear understanding”, so I don’t make that mistake any more. Now I make sure that it’s “perfectly clear” what I will be paying before I walk off with her.

The backrooms are a uniquely strange experience. They’re quite small with an armless vinyl upholstered chair plunked in the middle. For roughly 500 to 700 pesos I get oral, and straight sex in the sitting position. Or, sometimes I stand and bend the girl over the chair but either way it’s important that you understand one thing.

That is that the “time that you get in the room” is measured by 2 songs being played in the club. When two songs are over the guy at the table knocks on the door, and wants another 200 pesos. Now it’s never been a problem for me to get my “business” over with back there in around 7 minutes, but I was in there one time with a friend who ended up getting milked for about $150 US.

Now I always have a great time in Tarrandas and from my very first visit had no trepidations about checking out the odd back room sex. However, about half the time a run across tourist in there it takes a little coaxing to get them to “give it a go”. Having noted that however, not one has returned to the table with any kind of regrets. They all thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

The back rooms are cleaned regularly and the girl will always slap a condom on you. Also I do have to say that they’re good at what they do and in spite of the cramped quarters, seem to be fully experienced at having great sex in them. By the way it’s worth mentioning that you won’t find any older broads working there like in American strip clubs. They’re all between 18 and, say 25, or so.

Now right inside the back door, is a short hallway with a man sitting at a desk in it. You have to pay him 200 pesos for “rent” on one of the rooms that line the hallway. Then I usually pay the girl I’ve negotiated with between 200, and 300 pesos, but I understand one important thing.

That is that I’ve learned through experience that the girls will do their best to “confuse” you, or make unclear the exact amount being paid. Does my arranged 500 peso fee include the man at the table, or is it all for them? Do I have to pay the table guy another 200 pesos on top of it?

So I always make sure that she understands and acknowledges that that 300 pesos is “por usted” (for you) and that 200 pesos is for “la mesa” (the table). Otherwise the chicks going to take the total 500 from my hand then turn to me and tell me to now pay the guy at the table.

The beers in Tarrandas are about the same price you’ll pay anywhere else, 20 pesos each, and the girls are always “cute and friendly”. It’s also worth knowing that no one is getting trafficked or forced into doing anything in there. It’s all just local chicks that are too lazy or stupid to work at a regular job, and simply want to make money “doing what they do best”.

I’ve never met one girl in there that speaks a word of English, so what I advise tourist that I run into to do is ask around among the waiters or the doorman. One of the them usually does, and in fact the last time I was in Tarrandas the doorman spoke it perfectly. For a 100 peso tip they’ll be glad to help you to negotiate a deal, and by the way every girl you see dancing in there also works the back rooms.

On a final note: I have seen couples in there before and in some cases the women were even getting lap dances. I’m sure that some of the girls will even do the “back room thing” with them too if that’s what “spins your wheel”. I’ve also seen a “live sex act” on stage before during bike rally week a couple of years ago. Bottom line: if you have the money to pay it’s all there for you.


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  1. Martin H. August 29, 2011 at 8:34 am #

    I agree with your views on the clubs. I was there in February and had a great time at both Hippocompo and Terrandas. Fell in love with Carly at Terrandas, a really sexy lady. Maybe I will see you there this weekend. I will be the big white guy with the Filipino friend. Please say hi if you see us and I would like to buy you a beer and talk more about Mazatlan. (be there Sept 1~6th, 2011)


  2. jajaking December 21, 2011 at 3:44 am #

    best info online man, I”m in Maz now Dec to Jan 4th…can I tag along with you the next couple weeks? I got wheels too..

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