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Surfing in Mazatlan

Truly great surfing is something that takes a measurable degree of commitment and a little bit of sacrifice from time to time. Sure there is good surfing in many locations along the coast of the U.S. but for truly great surfing you are going to have to pack you board and travel.

Destinations like Hawaii and Australia always beckon however, travel food and lodging there have all become very expensive. Not only does Mazatlan Sinaloa have the huge premium waves but the food, night clubs, parties and beautiful friendly local females make for a total package that you just can’t find anywhere else for your money.

The Facts About Surfing in Mazatlan

Surfing in Mazatlan

The time is now to see and surf the waves of Mazatlan Sinaloa. This is because, no matter what kind of money you have to work with on your excursion, Mazatlan has a place for you. If you have already seen the pictures of the waves and are wondering how often surf like that rolls up, the fact is, that it happens quite often.

Its the unique underwater geography of the area, combined with hard driving pacific coastal currents that make for the surfing conditions that exist along the coastline of Mazatlan. This means that for the most part, conditions range between good-to-even-better. However, when the ducks all line up in a row and it happens quite frequently the surfing in and around Mazatlan is nothing short of astounding.

Don’t worry about not being made privy to all of the so called “secret locations” that are hinted about on surfing websites that you may have already looked at. They aren’t so much secret as they are difficult to get to and once you arrive in Mazatlan all it takes is a few hours of bar and cantina hopping along the beach and you will have them all mapped out.

Its Time to Stop Dreaming and Make it Real

The fact is, it just can’t get any easier to do in Mazatlan right now. In the sport of surfing as with life in general there are the dreamers and the doers and it can be difficult at times to tell the two apart. Everyone who surfs talks about experiencing the offerings of distant foreign shores but not everyone gets around to doing it.

The best surfing begins around March and goes on through the summer into fall. Summer is the stormy season in Sinaloa, which means huge well formed swells are rolling up on the beach pretty much on a daily basis. Fortunatly, most of the storms happen at night and then it will tend to be clear during the day.

Its also the season when tourism is the slowest, which makes a huge difference when dealing with the local business people. Taxi and pulmonia drivers are more willing to bargain as are the people that operate the local lodging facilities. The food is fantastic and cheap and Pacificos go for a buck each in the local cantinas.

Also, the local women folk are beautiful, friendly and anxious to learn and practice English. John Lennon once said “life is what happens while you are busy making plans” and it is oh so true. If you are ready to finalize your plans and move on the the action phase of an awesome surfing excursion, then the beaches, the nightlife and the beautiful friendly females of Mazatlan beckon you.

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  1. admin June 14, 2011 at 3:37 am #

    If you are on your Mexico vacation, staying on Mazatlan’s Golden zone, there is some decent Mazatlan surfing within walking distance. Check out the point break at “Punta (point) Camaron” next to Valentino’s disco castle between Playa Sabalos and Playa Marlin. The surf can get fairly large here; it’s not uncommon for there to be a 4-6 foot swell here with a left or right point break depending on where the swell is coming from.

    Playa norte…
    Small swells mostly, but rideable.

    Playa los pinos
    There is a point break between North Beach (Playa Norte) and Playa los Pinos beaches that offers some pretty good surfing, long rides if the surf is coming from the right direction. This point is along the boardwalk between the “Fisherman’s Monument and the lighthouse.

    Point Camaron
    Located at Valentino’s disco. Decent surf, pretty good shape.

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