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#1 Take the Family to the Tip of Stone Island

It’s a hot Saturday afternoon on the tip of the peninsula. Bands of banana shaped kayaks circle around the bay, driven gently by their young navigators. Children splash and swim in the calm ocean, on this side of the beach the waves are barely noticeable.

This is Stone Island (or “Isla De Piedra” as the locals call it). It’s a stark, comfortable contrast to the hustle and bustle of a place like El Centro or the Golden Zone.

You’ll find a lot more locals here than tourists and thankfully the prices reflect that fact. It’s separated by a body of water and an entertaining boat ride, usually the only tourists here are the ones on a paid-tour.

Getting to Stone Island by Boat Taxi Is Easy

Getting here yourself is simple. Instruct the taxi to take you to the “Embarcadero Isla de Piedra”. From here you’ll pay 30 pesos for a round trip boat ticket (save the stub to get back) to the other side of the water. Strap on your life jacket and enjoy the ride.

The boat ride from the docks is only about 10 minute journey and for me it doesn’t last long enough. Getting a view of Mazatlan, the lighthouse, and its giant fishing boats, all while treading water on the covered motorboat reminds you that this place is a fishing/shrimping port first and a tourist destination second. There’s plenty of pelican and jumping fish sightings to be had while the cool ocean breeze wards off the relentless Mexican sun.

Before you know it the boat ride is finished and you’re nearly there.

Landing on Stone Island

When you arrive to the other side you’ll be greeted by a line of taxis who will take you to the restaurants and beach for about 40-50 pesos depending on how big your party is. You’ll have to use a taxi to get back to the boats and if none are available in your area then any restaurant will be able to call one for you.

If you want to go to the tip of the Island, tell them to take you to Benji’s. If you want to go to the more populated side with ATV and horseback riding, a simple “La Playa” will work.

There’s only a couple choices for restaurants on the tip and they all serve their own style of family-friendly dishes. This is definitely a family place and if you’re traveling with kids they’ll have a ball here. There are inner tubes and mini kayaks to rent for the kids and the calmness of the bay makes for a safer swim.

Every time I visit this side of Stone Island we go to Benji’s Pizza. Named after a mysterious Donkey that supposedly roams the tip of the Island, it’s our favorite restaurant out of the bunch that line the beach here. The proprieters Victoria and Juan are personable and very friendly. They serve a mean mariscos (seafood) pizza for only about $10 bucks, it’s hard to beat.

If you’re the adventurous type there’s also some free land out here where you can park your RV or set up a tent, last time we went we saw some people doing just that. Or if you’re not bringing your own equipment Benji’s has a handful of simple rooms for about $18 a night and from what I understand there’s some tourists that stay here long-term, off and on.

This is as far as you can go and still have an authentic, comfortable scene.


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