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The Malecon in Mazatlan

The Malecon (pronounced mal-a-cone) is the stretch of extra wide sidewalk that runs along the beach in Mazatlan. You just can’t miss it, because it is just over three miles in length and is the focal point of many beach activities particularly in the early evenings. It runs all the way Mazatlan Maleconfrom the Gold Zoneen, up the main beach, around a few corners all the way to Old Mazatlan, so it is quite a hike.

Joggers, roller bladers, as well as people just out for an evening  walk all make their way up and down the Malecon each evening, although it does see more traffic on the weekends. There are several features that make the Malecon of Mazatlan an ideal place for tourists to visit and stroll on, aside from the spectacular views.

Its super convenient, because at any time if you grow weary of walking, you can easily hail one of the cabs or pulmonias that are continualy driving up and down it looking for business. Hungry or thirsty? Just walk down one of the stair access routes to the beach and have a seat at one of the quaint small palm thatched beach side palapas that serve drinks, as well as a wide range of delicious authentic grilled seafood dishes.

Relax and enjoy your walk, because you are never out of eyesight of alert Mazatlan cops that heavily patrol the Gold Zone as well as the Malecon. You’ll see them along the way scoping the beach and the Malecon with binoculars but what many people don’t know is that all of the lifeguards that work the beaches along the Malecon and the Golden Zone in Mazatlan are off duty cops as well.
End of Mazatlan Malecon
So walk all of the way up to the end of the beach, watch the sun go down and then stroll down the Malecon in the evening with the ocean breeze in your hair and the waves crashing on the beach just a stones throw away. Its a walk along the beach that you will never forget and a great way to get a bit of exercise while you are on vacation well.

At the end of the Malecon you’ll find a great white castle (see photo to the right) which houses popular nightlife establishments like Valentino’s and Bora Bora.


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