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Tours in Mazatlan

Mazatlan is surprisingly big and full of history that dates back as far as thousands of years ago to a time predating the arrival of Europeans. The French, the Germans and the Spanish along with indigenous peoples have all each contributed to what we know as todays modern city of Mazatlan.

There is so much to be seen and learned in Mazatlan about its people its architecture its business and economics and even its unique coastal geology that to try to do it on your own could take years. To spend a day touring the city of Mazatlan with a knowledgeable expert is to take a step back in time and see how an earlier people lived in what is a now a modern city.

A Long and Storied History

The history of post European Mazatlan begins in the early 1500s. This is when 25 Spaniards first landed and established the original European presence in the area. However it was an entire three centuries before Mazatlan was established as a permanent Spanish colony in the early 1820s. What is now recognized as modern day Mazatlan began top take shape in the 1930s when the first tourist began to arrive.

Traces of an ancient people have been found in the area that date back as far as 10,000 years and many of the petroglyph’s that they left can still be seen on rock formations on the outskirts of Mazatlan.  These ancient petroglyph’s can also be seen offshore on Deer island as well. The name Mazatlan means “land of deer” in a native language that was spoken by the Aztecs. The early indigenous peoples of Mazatlan didn’t speak that language so it is theorized that it was the early Spanish that actually named the city.

Mazatlan Horseback Riding Tours


Its Easy, Fun and Inexpensive

Finding and arranging a guided tour of Mazatlan is a simple task. Also due to the amount of history that is crammed into the city of Mazatlan these tours are anything but boring. The cheapest type of tours that are available are group tours that involve a spin through the city in a pulmonia with a knowledgeable guide. Its around $50 per person takes about 3 hours and all of the guides speak fluent English.

Also there are private tours that are available but of course they are going to cost you a bit more. Also there are bout as well as helicopter tours that can be arranged if you so choose. If you are going to be spending any amount of time on vacation there it is highly advised that you get off the beach for an afternoon  and get acquainted with all that there is to see in the greater Mazatlan area. Both on and offshore.

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