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Weather in Mazatlan

Every winter the snowbirds from the north heed their call to escape the cold weather of their homelands, hop on jets and cruise ships and head south to Mazatlan. There is good a good reason for this annual migration ritual and that is that while it may be snowing and bitter cold in places north of the border, the winter weather in Mazatlan is simply fantastic.

Also the water temperature at the beach during the winter is cooler then it is during the summer but it is still quite warm and comfortable and easy to acclimate to once you dive in. Hot summer weather begins to transition into milder winter temperatures around the end of November, with January, February and March being the most optimal. Weather in Mazatlan

Hot Summers Mean Great Deals

April and May are still nice but it does begin to warm up a bit during those two months. June and July are pretty hot but August is brutal. The high humidity and high temperatures of the summer months in Mazatlan combine to form a combination that is almost unbearable. However; there are breaks in the evening when ocean winds blow in to cool things off a bit.

If you love the heat, the summer months are the best time to find the absolute best prices on everything in Mazatlan, as hotels sit empty and taxis and pulmomnias drive round and round desperately looking for a rider. You have to bear in mind though, that the hot summer weather in Mazatlan is truly “the real deal”.

Dress Casual and Come to Have Fun

Mazatlan’s mild warm winters and hot summers have fostered a tradition of casual dress that makes packing for a vacation  just too easy. Floppy cotton or wide brimmed woven shade hats, comfortable, colorful short sleeved shirts, shorts and sandals or tennis shoes are pretty much the norm, not just during the day but in the evenings as well.

In mid winter it can get a little cool in the evenings occasionally, so you will want to bring along a long sleeved shirt or two as well as a light jacket or sweater. If you have a goofy looking Hawaiian shirt with umbrellas or ukuleles and hula girls on it bring it on down, because in Mazatlan you will finally have your chance to make your fashion statement with it.

Don’t Get Burned

Another thing to make sure that you pack is plenty of good biodegradable sunscreen. This is because, even on mildly cool days, being that it is closer to the equator, the sun packs a more potent kick. This means that sunburns have a way of creeping up on you in Mazatlan and just an hour or two on the beach is all that it takes sometimes.

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